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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Time Search by Danele Rotharmel

I just googled the Blarney Stone...Whatever happens, Alex deserves it!
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Danele Rotharmel Oh, Kristine! When I saw your post, I nearly DIED laughing!! I'm so glad that you are enjoying "Time Search!" I had so much fun creating Alex's list of dares, and I had just as much fun having Angelina complete those dares in Europe! I'm so glad that you like my book! As Angelina’s turn arrived to kiss the stone, the Irish spotter said, “Who’s next now, pe’ople? Keep it roll’ing.”

Feeling her knees quaking, Angelina stepped forward.

Her manager, Karl Fagan, grinned. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Sitting down, Angelina grimaced. “I’m sure I don’t want to do it, but neither do I want to give Alex something to tease me about. I’m going to finish his list—especially since I managed to get through the Paris tasks. But I’ll tell you one thing, I’m going to make my rascally brother pay for this when I get home.”

“Com’ on now, luv,” the spotter said. “Lay down.”

With dive-bombing butterflies invading her stomach, Angelina wiggled herself over the gap.

“Grab the bars,” the spotter instructed, clutching her waist. “Watch yer ’ead.”

Angelina grabbed the two parallel bars embedded in the stonework and let herself tilt slowly upside down and backward off the castle.

“Lower yer ’ead. Lower,” the spotter coaxed. “Jus’ a bit lower.”

Lowering herself further, Angelina saw a dizzying expanse of ground far below.

“Tha’s it,” the spotter said. “Kiss it now.”

Feeling lightheaded, she swung up and pressed her lips to the blarney stone. A giggle rose in her throat as Karl snapped her picture. All she had to do now was find a four-leaf clover and dance with a leprechaun.

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