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Friday, February 17, 2017

Shine Like The Dawn by Carrie Turansky

Shine Like the Dawn is a fast-moving historical novel that grabs you from the first page and demands to be read.  Master of Edwardian fiction, Carrie Turansky, has created a mixture of romance and suspense wrapped up in the rediscovery of the main character's faith. I love the strong characters and who doesn't love a story set in England? So grab a cup of tea and settle in for a good read!

From Amazon:
Separated by an inconceivable tragedy, can faith and love reunite childhood friends and light the way to a bright future?

In a quiet corner of northern Edwardian England, Margaret Lounsbury diligently works in her grandmother’s millinery shop, making hats and caring for her young sister. Several years earlier, a terrible event reshaped their family, shattering an idyllic life and their future prospects. Maggie is resilient and will do what she must to protect her sister Violet. Still, the loss of her parents weighs heavily on her heart because she wonders if what happened that day on the lake…might not have been an accident.

When wealthy inventor and industrialist William Harcourt dies, his son and Maggie’s estranged childhood friend, Nathaniel returns from his time in the Royal Navy and inherits his father’s vast estate, Morningside Manor. He also assumes partial control of his father’s engineering company and the duty of repaying an old debt to the Lounsbury family. But years of separation between Nate and Maggie have taken a toll and Maggie struggles to trust her old friend.

Can Maggie let go of the resentment that keeps her from forgiving Nate—and reconciling with God? Will the search for the truth about her parents’ death draw the two friends closer or leave them both with broken hearts?

About the Author:
Carrie Turansky is the award-winning author of more than a dozen inspirational romance novels and novellas, including Where Two Hearts Meet and Surrendered Hearts. She has won the ACFW Carol Award, the Crystal Globe Award, and the International Digital Award. Carrie lives in central New Jersey with her husband, Scott.

Anne Flosnik is an accomplished, multi-award-winning British actress, with lead credits for stage, television, commercials, industrials, voice-overs, and audiobooks. She has garnered three AudioFile Earphones Awards, including for Little Bee by Chris Cleave, and four Audie Award nominations.

I was given this book by the author for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life After by Kate Ganshert

Hello friends,
          I usually don't add books here until I have read them, but I was so impressed with the opening paragraph, I had to share.

           'We rarely know when death will come.
            Some are warned in sickness---like the track of dirt around the edge of a baseball field, cautioning outfielders that they are running out of room.The end is near. But others--- many others---meet death without any warning at all, in an unforeseen moment that wrenches consciousness in two separating the living from the dead.
            That's how it would come on this particular evening for twenty-two individuals.'
                                              ~from the prologue of Life After

From Amazon:

Snow whirls around an elevated train platform in Chicago. A distracted woman boards the train, takes her seat, and moments later a fiery explosion rips through the frigid air, tearing the car apart in a horrific attack on the city’s transit system. One life is spared. Twenty-two are lost.
A year later, Autumn Manning can’t remember the day of the bombing and she is tormented by grief—by guilt. Twelve months of the question constantly echoing. Why? Why? Why? Searching for answers, she haunts the lives of the victims, unable to rest. 
Paul Elliott lost his wife 

in the train bombing and wants to let the dead rest in peace, undisturbed and unable to cause more pain for his loved ones. He wants normalcy for his twelve-year-old daughter and young son, to see them move beyond the heartbreak. But when the Elliotts and Autumn are unexpectedly forced together, he fears she’ll bring more wreckage in her wake.  
In Life After, Katie Ganshert’s most complex and unforgettable novel yet, the stirring prose and authentic characters pose questions of truth, goodness, and ultimate purpose in this emotionally resonant tale.

About the author from Amazon:

KATIE GANSHERT is the author of several novels and works of short fiction, including the Christy Award-winning A Broken Kind of Beautiful and Carol Award-winner, The Art of Losing Yourself. Katie lives in eastern Iowa with her family.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

For The Record by Regina Jennings

Although I am a huge fan of Regina Jennings, I have to admit I was slow to warm up to For The Record. I think my problem was that I did not like Betsy Huckabee. To me, she was an immature young lady who by the age of 24 should have behaved better. That said, the story did grow on me and by the end of the book, I was a fan. It was nice to read about some of the characters I met in the previous 2 books.  This book should appeal to folks who like a mixture of romance, humor, and suspense.

From Amazon:
Jennings Offers Another Delightful Blend of History and Romance

Betsy Huckabee might be a small-town girl, but she has big-city dreams. Writing for her uncle's newspaper will never lead to independence, and the bigger newspapers don't seem interested in the Hart County news. Trying a new approach, Betsy pens a romanticized serial for the ladies' pages, and the new deputy provides the perfect inspiration for her submissions. She'd be horrified if he read her breathless descriptions of him, but these articles are for a newspaper far away. No one in Pine Gap will ever know.

Deputy Joel Puckett didn't want to leave Texas, but this job in tiny Pine Gap is his only shot at keeping his badge. With masked marauders riding every night, his skills and patience are tested, but even more challenging is the sassy journalist lady chasing him.

About the Author from Amazon:
Regina Jennings is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University with a degree in English. She is the author of Sixty Acres and a Bride, Love in the Balance, Caught in the Middle, A Most Inconvenient Marriage, At Love's Bidding, and contributed a novella to both With This Ring? and A Match Made in Texas. She and her family make their home in Oklahoma City.

I was given this book by for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Marguerite Martin Gray
My Goodreads Giveaway of 25 copies of Surround Me ends at midnight Feb. 5. Please enter by clicking on the link below.

Surround Me by Marguerite Martin Gray

Surround Me is set in the days leading up to the American Revolution. I enjoyed the fact that it takes place in Charles Town South Carolina instead of the usual New England setting for tales of the Revolution. Although the plot's development was a bit slow, the story was enjoyable. The relationships between the characters were well developed, and I loved the way Louis and Elizabeth's faith grew. I look forward to reading Draw Me To Your Side, the third book in the series.

From Amazon:
As the dark curtain of the rumors of revolution threatens to descend, Louis Lestarjette pursues his relationship with Elizabeth even as the emotional and physical struggles set the course for a life of changes. Will his commitment to God stay firm, or will the tide of change cause fear and flight?

The chance of reconciliation with England moves further out to sea, leaving Elizabeth Elliott on the shores of surrender to a greater challenge. Although others of unwavering courage give her strength, she must choose to allow God’s love to surround her. How can she enter into a marriage during a time of uncertainty? Will selfish, safer options take her away from Louis and his love?

Set in 1773 Charles Town, Surround Me, the sequel to Hold Me Close, takes the reader into the lives of colonists confronting imminent change and unpredictable circumstances binding them together to become a formidable force.

About the author:
Marguerite enjoys the study of history, especially when combined with fiction. An avid traveler and reader, she teaches French and has degrees in French, Spanish, and Journalism from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Recently, she received an MA in English from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene. She has two grown children and currently lives with her husband in Abilene, Texas.
She writes historical fiction. Hold Me Close: Revolutionary Faith Book One is set in pre-revolution Charles Town and takes the reader into the lives of immigrants, ordinary citizens, and prominent historical figures at a time in which decisions are made that will change the world.
Surround Me: Revolutionary Faith Book Two (Fall 2016), Bring Me Near; Revolutionary Faith Book Three (2017), Draw Me to Your Side (Work in Progress).

I was given the book by the author for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.


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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Healing Gilvary by Andrea Boyd

Prince Reagan has a problem, his mother Queen Finell has killed his father the king. he also is surrounded by his father's court, people who may want to keep his father's plan alive to kill him. Not sure who he can trust he sends for his sister in law's best friend, the healer Gwen Alexander. Can one woman make a difference?

I loved the storyline for Healing Gilvary. The plot was fast moving and had a few twists. The characters are multidimensional and I love the way Ms. Boyd weaves the plan of salvation through the story. This book will go my keeper shelf to be read again in the future!

From Amazon:
The crown prince would love nothing more than to make the newly appointed castle healer his wife, but she has no intentions of becoming the future ruler of Gilvary. Will he ever convince her otherwise?

Prince Reagan Barnali never expected to end up as ruler of Gilvary, but after the death of his father and older brother, he has no choice but to take the reins. He is worried about his mother who has suffered a breakdown in health since her husband’s death, and he also has the sole responsibility of his two younger brothers. Despite all of these burdens, he still has time to think about the only woman he has ever wanted to settle down with—Gwendolyn Alexander. He has somehow persuaded her to leave her home and come to Gilvary as the castle healer, now if he could just convince her into becoming his wife, it would make everything better.

Gwen jumps at the opportunity for a fresh start. There has been nothing wrong with her life up until now other than the fact that she has lived in her best friend’s shadow, and her father still sees her as his little girl. Can she really take on the job of healer? The flirting begins as soon as she arrives in Gilvary, but she is familiar with Prince Reagan’s bad-boy ways. Just when she finally surrenders her trust, trouble from his past arrives.

A law enacted by his own father could force him to marry another. Could it be God’s will keeping Reagan and Gwen apart?

†Healing Gilvary is Christian Romance.

About the author;
Andrea Boyd has always been a dreamer. Once her most awesome job of raising her wonderful children was over, she decided to take up the challenge of putting these dreams into words and sharing them with the rest of the world.

Besides writing, she loves spending time with her family, quilting, going to car shows, and driving around in her 1968 Barracuda convertible.

Andrea lives with her husband, Tommy, and at least a couple of cats in York County, SC.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Mark Of The King by Jocelyn Green

Midwife Julieanne Chevalier has been branded a murderer and imprisoned for the death of a patient. Her only chance at life is to emigrate to Louisiana as the wife of another convict. Jocelyn Green has done a wonderful job of creating a fictional account of a true story. Although the main characters are fictional, many characters are actual residents of the New Orleans colony. It is quite evident that Ms. Green is a student of history, and I love the fact that she weaves Faith throughout the story. She truly brings the New Orleans colony to life.

From Amazon:
Sweeping Historical Fiction Set at the Edge of the Continent

After being imprisoned and branded for the death of her client, twenty-five-year-old midwife Julianne Chevalier trades her life sentence for exile to the fledgling 1720s French colony of Louisiana, where she hopes to be reunited with her brother, serving there as a soldier. To make the journey, though, women must be married, and Julianne is forced to wed a fellow convict.

When they arrive in New Orleans, there is no news of Benjamin, Julianne's brother, and searching for answers proves dangerous. What is behind the mystery, and does military officer Marc-Paul Girard know more than he is letting on?

With her dreams of a new life shattered, Julianne must find her way in this dangerous, rugged land, despite never being able to escape the king's mark on her shoulder that brands her a criminal beyond redemption.

About the author;

Jocelyn Green inspires faith and courage as the award-winning author of numerous fiction and nonfiction books, including Wedded to War, a Christy Award finalist in 2013, and The 5 Love Languages Military Edition, which she coauthored with bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman. Jocelyn lives with her husband and two children in Iowa.

I was given this book by for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.