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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

With This Ring: a Novella Collection

I do not usually read novellas, but I cold not pass up this collection. I love all four of these authors and will read just about anything they write. Karen Witemeyer's The Husband Maneuver offers the entertaining story of a young woman who is in love with her father's ranch foreman. She secretly reads pulp fiction about his former life as a bounty hunter. Witemeyer does a good job of mixing the pulp fiction and the 'courtship' of Dangerous Dan and Etta. I found myself wanting to shout 'Just kiss the girl'.
Regina Jennings created a cute couple who do everything but admit their affection for one another in 'Her Dearly Unintended'. It is a fine line they walk with Josiah being forced to spend the night, unchaperoned with Katie Ellen. Add a flood and a vagrant, and you can imagine the sparks.
'The Runaway Bride' by Mary Connealy deals with a young woman, whose father has offered her as payment for his gambling debts. G-d rescues her by dumping Carrie into the waiting arms of confirmed bachelor and Texas Ranger, John Conroy.
Charli Andrews bested Harrison at a shooting match when they were 12. He has never forgiven her. Now Charli needs a husband, can Harrison find it in his heart to admit that he still loves her?
I was given this book by Netgalley for review purposes. All opinions are entirely my own.