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Monday, January 4, 2016

The Thorn Keeper by Pepper Basham

          If you love romance, you will definitely want to read Pepper Basham's books. The Thorn Keeper is Catherine and David's story and takes place right after The Thorn Bearer, Ashleigh and Sam's story. World War one is raging , Ashleigh and Sam have returned to the United States. Catherine has been completely transformed by G-d's redeeming grace, but still must face the consequences of her actions. She bears the humiliation of being a 'fallen' woman with grace. She throws herself into helping Dr. David Ross set up a hospital for the wounded soldiers.
           I love Pepper's characters! David, Catherine and all of the others seem to live and breathe! I find myself wishing for a way to time travel so that I could go visit. The town is charming, but as with all places there is a serpent in the garden. David's  Aunt Maureen, town matriarch and avowed enemy of Catherine's family, is determined to ruin Catherine and anyone who does not meet her standards.
           There are definitely some swoon-worthy scenes, and the kisses! Be still my heart. :) So brew a pot of tea and settle in to visit another time and place. I can't wait to return to Edensbury in book three!
             I was given this book by the author, but all opinions are entirely my own.