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Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Harvest Of Hope

I never pass up a chance to visit Blessing North Dakota. A Harvest of Hope is the 19th book about the people of Blessing and it did not disappoint. I love the way Lauraine has made the town and characters come to life. Ingeborg and Kaaren still guide their family with the help of John Solberg, and just as in real life there are changes. It is the same with Blessing. A Harvest of Hope takes place soon after the death of Ingeborg's beloved Haaken and everyone is in shock. Dr.Elizabeth is expecting a baby and is confined to bed leaving Dr.Astrid to care for the townspeople with the help of her nurses. Through love and laughter, grief and tears Nurse Miriam Hastings from Chicago helps the town through several tragedies as she is being courted by Trygve.Should she give up all of her plans and follow G-d's plans for her life? Does G-d even care about her, or is He as malicious as she has always believed?