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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Bound Heart : The Everstone Chronicles, book 2 by Dawn Crandall

I have just finished reading The Bound Heart, book 2 in the Everstone  Chronicles by Dawn Crandall. I stand in awe at the growth I have seen in Mrs. Crandalls's writing. Lawry and Meredyth are well developed and engaging. The addition of Wynn just added charm to the story. Lawry, loves Merit as he calls her, with all his heart. I almost felt as though his character's love for Merit, represents Christ's love for us. He is willing to love and forgive her no matter what. If I had to give this book a theme, I would say redemption is the word that comes to mind. Now that is not to say this book is 'preachy', far from it. The story is that Meredyth feels bound to marry Vance Everstone, even though he has been in Europe for many years. Lawry has been out west setting up an orphanage. Lawry comes home to Bar Harbor and begins to gently woo Meredyth. All seems settled when Vance sends word that he has married a French woman. This book is full of romance and sigh worthy kisses, but also has strife and heartache. Join Lawry and Meredyth for the turn of the century New England social season!
I loved Lawry and Meredyth's story and eagerly await the 3rd book in the Everstone Chronicles...A Captive Impostor due out February 2 2015.
I was given this book by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.