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Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Simple Hope by Rosalind Lauer

Rachel King is so grateful that she and James were among the survivors of a van accident. But James is bitter that he didn't walk away, and perhaps never would walk again. How can he care for his families orchards or for a wife. So he decides to set Rachel free. Rachel is not willing to release James from his promise to marry he, in fact she is sure they can live in town and she will support them with her paintings, and never have to milk a cow again, an added bonus. Now James dad is refusing to allow him to receive the treatment he needs, because it would involve spending more time with the English. Add in an Englisher runaway hiding out in James orchard and you have a wonderful good read.
A Simple Hope is book 2 in Rosalind Lauer's Lancaster Crossover novels. It is really nice to also have a chance to visit with old friends from her Seasons of Lancaster trilogy. I find Lauer's books to be entertaining and thoroughly engrossing. I am eagerly awaiting A Simple Charity due out October 28.