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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lynne Gentry's novel, The Healer Of Carthage, is one of the freshest stories I have read this year. Lisbeth is a first year , overworked medical student. he switches patients at the request of her fiance with tragic results. At the same time she receives a letter from her archeologist father, demanding she come to him at the site where her mother disappeared many years ago. Fearing for her father's sanity , she drops everything and joins him at the Cave Of The Swimmers. What happens next is a fantastic story that will drag you in and cause the loss of sleep. I found myself stealing whatever time I could in order to find out what happens next.
Gentry's descriptions bring ancient Carthage to life, I could all but smell the horrid conditions she describes. She carefully weaves history and fiction to keep her readers enthralled. My only problem is that the book ended and now I must wait until next year to continue the adventure!