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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fall From Grace by J. Edward Ritchie

I was given a copy of this book by the author with no expectations of a review. I knew going in that this book was only loosely based on the Bible and I was prepared to overlook the theological differences I have. I did have a problem with Michael being called the Word because Jesus is the Word, but again theological difference. I found the book to be well written and the story flowed. I was sincerely enjoying the plot. Unfortunately, when I reached 35% in, there was graphic sexual content which killed the story for me. I stopped reading it. I am sad because I would have otherwise enjoyed finishing the book.

From Amazon:

Heaven: a paradise of all that is pure in Creation. Led by brothers Michael and Satanail, the Angelic Host is a testament to cosmic harmony and love. When an unprecedented revelation threatens to uproot their peace, a schism splits the Host’s loyalties. Every angel has to make a choice: faith or freedom. Good or evil. 

Salvation or damnation.

War consumes Heaven in the first and most destructive loss of life that Creation will ever know. As brother turns on brother, the fate of both Heaven and Earth rests in the hands of the Creator’s chosen son, Michael. How far will he go, what will he sacrifice in the name of their Father, to protect his family?

Witness the tragic downfall of a civilization as told from both sides of the bloody rebellion. More than myth, more than legend, Heaven’s war will forever stand as a harrowing warning that even the purest of souls can fall from grace.

About the author:

J. Edward Ritchie is a novelist and screenwriter specializing in world creation and action epics. A fan of all things genre from films to comics to video games, his work explores the intricate, primal balance between good and evil. He is dedicated to writing stories that embody the fantastical and uncompromising entertainment that has inspired his career. 

Fall From Grace, his debut novel, tells the cosmic tragedy of the war in Heaven. Two brothers, Michael and Satanail, are thrust to opposite sides of Creation's first conflict that cleaves a deadly schism between the family of angels. But beneath the harrowing brutality of warfare is an inspirational message of hope and brotherhood.

He currently resides in Cape Cod, MA with his wife and Golden Retriever. 

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