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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lydia's Hope, a review

         Lydia's Hope is the first book in Marta Perry's new trilogy, The Lost Sisters Of Pleasant valley. Lydia Beachy has always known she was adopted by her aunt and uncle at the age of five, but has no memory of her birth parents who died in the accident that stole her memory. Now her great aunt is ill and talking about Lydia's mother and the other girls. What other girls?
            Great aunt Sara has opened a box of questions that must be answered. This is Lydia's story as she searches for her missing sisters. But does she have the right to disturb their lives?
            Meanwhile Lydia's husband Adam is going through a tough time himself. He lost his job and there are few prospects for a new one.
           I really enjoyed Lydia's Hope and cannot wait for Susannah's Dream, book two.